Top 5 Best Burgers on the Road Of Reilly

hamburger pic

Hamburgers are one of my favorite foods to eat while on vacation. Now I’m not talking about McDonalds, A&W, Wendy’s or any other fast food joint, I mean a real hamburger at a restaurant that was made with some care. While on vacation I look for places that have a unique burger or “famous” burger and price doesn’t usually bother me, but presentation and taste does. Like who wants to eat a squashed burger that looks like it got ran over by a truck? Over the years I have personally graded many hamburgers and have my personal top 5 burgers that have ever graced my lips.


Single Bypass Burger

Heart Attack Grill, Las Vegas


The single bypass burger is probably the best hamburger I have ever tasted. If you look past the hospital themed restaurant and give it a chance, the food is actually pretty good. The ½ pound patty was full of flavor and the toppings were fresh and crispy. The bun was fresh, and the fries were not greasy and a good compliment to the meal. I skipped the Coke and ordered a milkshake which was amazing also.

Dallas Burger

Dallas Burger

Bobby’s Burger Palace, Las Vegas


Ah Bobby Flay my favorite chef. The Dallas Burger is just short of incredible.  It comes topped with ColeSlaw, Monterey Jack cheese, sweet pickles and BBQ sauce, my mouth is watering just typing that!! Bobby of course does everything right and the hamburger is top notch. Do yourself a favor and get a milkshake with your order….it will knock your socks off.

Burger Bar

Backyard Classic

Burger Bar, Chicago


Double smoked and candied slab of bacon, aged cheddar cheese, Lettuce, tomato and onion on a big patty with a fresh bun? Are you kidding me?? This simple burger is put together well, and the flavor explodes in your mouth with every bite. A side of sweet potato fries are a must with your favorite adult beverage. Whenever I’m in Chicago I make the Burger Bar a must for lunch.

Coney Burger

Hodder Coney Burger

Hodder Greeks, Thunder Bay Ontario


Of course, a burger from my home town made the list. While this burger doesn’t look like much It packs a lot of flavor. Topped with Coney sauce, onion, mustard and relish these bite size burgers are a must have in Thunder Bay. I grew up eating these hamburgers and they always hit the spot. Order a “small fry” with your burger and you are all set.


Dad’s Basic Burger

Wahlburgers, Toronto Ontario


A 5oz burger with pickles, onions and wahl sauce hits a home run every time. The crispy onions give the burger some crunch and a side of fries are a must. Wahlburgers has a nice sports bar atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy some good food with family or friends.


Do you know of a great hamburger that we must have? Leave us a comment and let us know!