My Top 5 Top Notch Travel Websites

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This may come to some people as a surprise but I am a creature of habit. I like a routine and if I find travel website that has good content and keeps me interested I usually revisit regularly. The websites listed in this particular blog are my favorite five that I visit at least 3 times a week, not only do I visit their websites but I listen to their podcasts while driving to work and follow them on twitter. Whenever I need some inspiration to write a post on my blog I always look to these 5 sites to get ideas.  Also I am not comparing these to my own website nor are they in any particular order.

Pack Your Passport 

This blog is one of my favorites due to the amount of content and variety of topics that Beverley covers. All of the blog posts are well written with a personal touch which keeps you connected as you read. She not only operates a website but she helps others get connected via social media. If you like her website follow on twitter @PckYourPassport

Zero To Travel

This is one of my favorites, Jason covers everything you want to know about being location independent. He offers great content, audio books and a podcast (which I listen to everyday). If you have questions about being a nomad, traveling solo, being location independent or anything else check out Zero to Travel or check him out on Twitter.

Nomad Capitalist

I was introduced to the Nomad Capitalist by the Zero To Travel podcast and the amount of information is staggering. Andrew Henderson is the founder and he covers a wide variety of topics pertaining to passports, offshore bank accounts and tax havens. If you are interested in becoming a global citizen this website is for you.

Nomadic Matt

The amount of information that Matt provides on his website can be overwhelming at times. He writes blog posts, provides travel tips and is the author of “Travel the World on $50 a Day”. This was one of the first travel sites that I visited and have been coming back ever since. Nomadic Matt is also on Twitter.

The Poor Traveler

This was he website that got me interested in becoming a travel blogger. There is a lot of content geared toward being a budget traveler and traveler finances. They also provide travel guides and tips to make your next trip inexpensive. They are also on Twitter.

There are hundreds of travel websites on the internet and these are just some of my favorites. If you have a favorite travel website that I should know about leave a message in the comment section.