Fake Cuban Cigars in Mexico – A Pictoral

I recently received a series of photographs of fake Cuban Cigars bought at Morgan’s Tobacco Shop in Playa Del Carmen. At first glance they seem to be the real deal but as you take a closer inspection they are just good fakes. If buying fakes from a reputable dealer wasn’t bad enough, the customer opens the 2 boxes he bought and discovers tobacco beetle holes. I did mention in my previous blog post Avoiding Fake Cigars in Playa Del Carmen that Morgans was one of the places to purchase authentic smokes, this is proof that fake cigars are a big problem and no shop is safe. Should the know what they are selling? for sure and if they don’t then shame on them. As for consumers it is important to educate ourselves in order to spot fakes when on vacation, but if you are buying a sealed box you are always taking a risk that the smokes inside are fakes.

Be in the Know

  • If you have a favorite smoke, research the band so you know how to spot fakes.
  • Google search “cigar shops mexico” and read reviews, the more info you have the better.
  • Visit the Counterfeit Gallery on Cigar Aficionado. This site has a wealth of information on fakes.

The Fakes

This is what I see in the following photos that identify the Cohiba’s as fakes. After looking over the band I notice that the font used on “Cohiba” is slightly different. Although the squares are the correct number (9), the row above “Cohiba” is not a full square. Also the top row and bottom row of squares different between cigars. To me the font used on “Havana, Cuba” is off also. As for the smokes themselves I notice right away that you can see the viens, real Cohiba’s will be very fine or not there at all.

The Photos