5 Places to Rent a Golf Cart on Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Isla Golfcart


Isla Mujeres is a beautiful island 8 miles off shore from Cancun, Mexico. The island is only 7km long so our plan was to walk everywhere we needed to go, but once we arrived that plan changed. Once you get to the island you will notice there are two main ways to get around, Mopeds or Golf Carts.  We did a lot of researching before our trip, the negative reviews and experiences of other travelers made us weary of renting a golf cart but it soon became a necessity. Can you spend 3 days on the island walking? yes, but you will miss out on some of the hidden beauty that this island has to offer.

The main grocery store was a 30 min walk, we compared a few rental places and rented a golf cart. We decided to rent a golf cart after reading that the mopeds were less desirable due to the high rate of accidents. There are a lot of rental places on Isla Mujeres but they are not all the same they very in price, length of rental and customer service.

  1. Golf Cart Indios – This was the first place we went to to rent. Carts were clean and in good running order. The prices were comparable to the other rental shops and the customer service was very good. Just a little too far to walk from our hotel.
  2. Rent A Car Prisma – This place is the worst choice to rent from, the customer service was horrible. The prices were comparable to the other rental places but the attitude and rudeness of the clerk made me leave.
  3.  Rentadora De Motos – This is the place where I rented our golf cart for 2 days. They charged me $500 pesos for a day rental, which was a good price. It was also a 5min walk from our hotel. The clerks were polite and friendly considering the constant flow of people renting. The golf cart they brought us was clean and in good running order.
  4. Rentadora Joaquin – Located furthest south of North Beach, Rentadora Joaquin is out of the way. On your way you pass all other rental shops, so why would you rent from Rentadora Joaquin? The answer is: only if the others are sold out.
  5. Easy Golf Cart Rental – Located close to North Beach you may be temped to rent from these guys but don’t! Poor customer relations and high prices make Easy Golf Cart Rental an easy pass.

Tip: Read and understand the rules before you rent. Some places have a steep penalty for bringing the cart back later than the agreed time.

Visit our YouTube page to view our golf cart ride around Isla Mujeres: Click Here