The Anatomy of an Annoying Passenger

in flight passenger

Part of me doesn’t want to write this post about the annoying passengers we meet while travelling, because you the reader, may be one.  If you are, either you don’t realise that you are stepping on peoples nerves or don’t care. Now whether it’s in an airport or on a plane we have all met at least one of the people I am about to discuss. On our recent trip to Cancun Mexico I encountered all of the mentioned travellers on our four connecting flights which inspired me to write this. These are in no particular order but all are as equally annoying as the next.

Mr. Noisy

We all know Mr. Noisy the passenger that is sitting beside you, behind you or in my case 5 rows in front of you loudly speaking to whomever he is travelling with. I get that we are in an aircraft which has noise but you don’t have to make it so everyone hears your conversation. Also refrain yourself from laughing out loud to whichever movie you are watching it’s annoying. Mr. Noisy makes it impossible to enjoy your flight and makes you want to put a pillow over his face to shut him up.

Mr. Entitled

This passenger is a special kind of jerk, he acts like he is flying first class when he isn’t. He complains to the flight attendants about everything and insists on trying to jam his carry-on luggage into the overhead bin when is won’t fit.  If he didn’t bring head phones he cranks up the volume on his laptop in case the whole plane wants to hear his movie. Also don’t waste your breathe trying to tell Mr. Entitled anything about travelling or flying because he’s done it all and knows more than you.

Mr. Crying

Deep down you feel sorry for Mr. Crying, they are the parents that have to deal with crying children on any flight. They know we are secretly giving them dirty looks and wishing their children would just stop crying. It’s not their fault or is it? For the most part it’s not, some children are inconsolable and have a difficult time flying I understand that as I have children of my own. My beef comes with parents that have their infants on a 12am flight and they know they are going to be tired and cranky and do nothing to console them. They sit there and let their children cry making everyone around them miserable, or they scold them in front of other passengers as if it is the child’s fault.

Mr. Impatient

Here is the passenger I dislike the most. Mr. Impatient sits behind you on the plane, as soon as it lands and the seat belt sign turns off he leaps from his seat grabs his carry-on luggage and moves ahead of you. Nothing gets me more aggravated than Mr. Impatient, everyone wants to get off the plane and if you are sitting behind me WAIT YOUR TURN!!

Mr. Disorganized

It never fails you start to board the plane and 10 people ahead of you Mr. Disorganized is rummaging through his carry-on luggage searching for something. He stops the boarding process and you feel like screaming at him or punching him out. As you pass Mr. Disorganized he politely says “sorry” but it does little to calm your rage. In my opinion have your shit organized before you board the plane, or maybe before you arrive at the airport. Headphones, books, magazines, whatever you need for the flight should be organized so you don’t hold everyone up. Oh and I almost forgot that Mr. Disorganized gets up 5-6 times during the fight to get things out of his carry-on luggage.

Mr. Cheap-O

Here is the passenger that refuses to pay to have luggage checked. He brings 3 carry-on bags to the airport that are oversized and gets on the aircraft then is surprised when they don’t fit in the overhead space. He manages to squish the bags into 3 overhead compartments leaving other passengers with bags SOL. Then when the plane lands he politely asks you to get his checked luggage down for him so he leave the plane. The rules don’t apply to Mr. Cheap-O.

Mr. Sick

Ahhhh Mr. Sick we all know him, he is the passenger that sneezes and coughs without covering his mouth. He sneezes in his hands and touches everything from armrests to table trays. You have to suffer through his sniffling, sneezing and coughing from takeoff to touchdown and hopefully he doesn’t get you sick before you vacation starts.